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I love connecting with friends. Who doesn't love to get in some girl time at a mani-pedi or grab a bite to eat and chat? Sometimes life gets busy and fitting in some "me time" is hard. One of my favorite ways to connect is to go out for a cup of coffee, sit and catch up. Finding out how my buddies are doing and encouraging one another can be just what the doctor ordered.

Life can become too busy to connect even in these moments. I love to mentor and encourage women. It's one of my life's passions. Growing together in life, faith and community is important. Getting together once a week with some friends and just chatting about life helps us grow. We share about husbands and kids, spiritual things and sometimes all we need is a shoulder to cry on. I wanted to create a space where we could connect, dig deeper and help others along in their journey. Coffee Shop Conversations was born out of this desire to connect and share.

One of the ways I've discovered that real community is developed is through opening up my life and making space for extended family. Over the years we've developed a close-knit family with couples that have reached out for connection. These folks have literally become family. It is here, in Coffee Shop Conversations, that we get to share about the challenges we face, whatever season of life we may be in. Whether its with young children or teens to adult children. It's a forum where we are able to share and ask questions about our journey. Some of us are in later stages of life, single or widowed. We come from all walks of life.

Come join us as we journey together, asking tough questions, digging deep into topics such as women's roles, identity, self-worth, marriage, singleness, developing dreams and more. Pull up a chair and a hot cup of coffee. Listen in as I and my friends, Danielle Ingram and Vanessa Alayon discuss our current book club. You are welcome here! Click below and subscribe to our YouTube channel.


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