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The Erosion of Unresolved Issues

Ever wonder why water main breaks happen? No seriously, bear with me for a moment. I was thinking about when pressure builds up, the stress on underground pipes can rip through the pipe causing a flood. This kind of water can literally destroy people’s homes and cause sinkholes in streets. No matter the size of the area, it can shut down the regular flow of traffic and our normal way of living.

It all sounds rather boring but a city’s water distribution system is made up of an interconnected network of pipes. It is extremely important to maintain this system because clean water is necessary for life. When these water main breaks happen, the community is always advised to boil their tap water because of contamination.

I read an article on why water main breaks occur. Age or accidents, pressure changes or corrosive soils can all be a contributing factor. The material used for these networks of pipes is important. Some are made of cast iron. Some are older and made of clay. Time corrodes them causing them to crack. Sometimes men who are digging up the ground can hit one causing a break.

Other times, temperature changes can freeze them, causing cracks. Also, opening fire hydrants too quickly can build up pressure in them, causing a rupture. Regardless of the reason for a break, it’s never easy to fix and causes so many problems for the surrounding community.

There are ways to diagnose, repair and replace eroding pipelines. This is the best way to head off an impending explosion, so to speak.

I say all of this to say: God has a way of trying to show us that things in our lives may be coming down the pipeline that have been eroding over the years. Negative mindsets, ways of thinking and unresolved issues never really just fix themselves. They are like these pipes under the ground, aging or becoming corroded over time.

Then one day, they just “POP”!

I am being honest here. I’ve been feeling this way for awhile. God has been speaking to me through several different small ways, showing me a path forward. But it has been hard. I’ve felt resistance at every turn. When you are trying to make big changes in your life, you will always encounter resistance.

Sometimes the resistance is from without but many times it comes from within.

This month, I had the opportunity to speak to women at a few events. God always seems to teach me lessons that He wants me to learn “the hard way” in order to teach others. You know how that goes, right?

A woman leading a prayer meeting I participate in literally called me on some of my junk this week. I felt like God was calling me out in front of thousands of women. The gist of it was my mentality was holding me back. I have been playing small. Procrastinating on what I know God has me to do. Allowing fear of the unknown to stop me.

Yeah...ME! The woman teaching other women how to Biblically prioritize their lives!

Can I get a witness??

Another amazing moment of clarity this week was being held accountable in my Mindset Group Challenge. The women said that they need the book that I have been sitting on for the last year. It hit me hard. Then, they made me set a date to have it ready for the Editor.

Wow! Anyone, feel the pressure??

THEN, I was listening to another amazing Pastor teach about poverty/scarcity mentalities. This has definitely been something God has been bringing up in my life. Then, the business strategy workshop I signed up for was delayed a week so I decided to listen to the leader’s audible book to get myself ready.

You won’t be surprised when you hear that everything she spoke in my Air Pods was exactly what God has been saying to me for weeks.

Stop playing small. Why am I allowing fear to derail me? Why am I allowing distractions to sidetrack me? Do I really think people are going to want to read MY book?! Who do I think I am?

I also realized I had to repent of pride in my life. God has called me to do great things and I was telling others to believe the same, yet here I was doubting. This was a call to action if there ever was one!

Then, something amazing happened. I received an invitation from a sweet sister in Christ (an online friend) to have “coffee” with me. I had written a post inviting anyone to a cup of coffee on Instagram if they felt they were in need of a friend. She took me up on it.

But in preparation for our “Zoom Coffee Date”, she sent me a surprise gift. I was a bit down, and feeling directionless when she messaged to tell me that a box was waiting on my porch for me. Excited, I ran out to get it. As I opened it, I almost dropped to the floor!

It was this pretty little tea cup set in my favorite color and my absolute favorite tea that I hadn’t had for over a year!

HOW?! How did she know?!

When I messaged her to thank and ask her how she knew, she said she was brought to tears because she had no idea!

It was the last of a set of amazing moments this week, as if God was reaching down to bless me with a little secret: “I know exactly what you need, when you need it!”

As we had our tea-time today, it was like a breath of fresh air. We laughed, shared our struggles and prayed together. We came away blessed. (Thank you Hilary!) Maybe you need this coffee date too.

Now getting back to that water main break...Sometimes we need a flood in our lives to wash away all the garbage, clear out the muck and gain clarity to begin afresh. That’s how I feel now. Like, I’m at the precipice of some really amazing breakthroughs.

It takes a lot to repair a break but it is super important so that you have fresh water for an entire community. I’m ready to allow God to wash away the stagnancy and bring all the good, clean water to come and quench some thirsty souls that need that water!

Jesus said, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” John 4:13-14

How about you? Are you ready to join me for a drink?

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