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I would like to reintroduce my blog to all of you! I have definitely been on a journey for the last year. You could say it's been one of self-discovery. Learning about yourself is an important step if you are interested in helping others.

During this two month quarantine, it's brought me face to face with many issues that I've always wanted to shove under the carpet. You know...tendencies that I knew were always there but just never really had the time to deal with.

So I made a decision. I decided to get on IG LIVE everyday and invited some friends along for a journey of discovery and trying to get unstuck. It was my accountability time. I needed to get motivated. Eat better, work out, create content, finish writing, etc. All the things!

It was time to DREAM again!

So for 2 weeks, I went Live on Instagram. It became a mental health, spiritual check and a good ole fashioned kick in the butt!

Why did I decide to do it?

I had spent the last month and a half not wanting to get out of bed, get dressed, much less anything else creative. Pandemic Postpartum is a thing! I listened to a bunch of motivational speakers and I realized I was in a place called stuck. I committed to take this time to get un-stuck.

What began with an idea of sharing a verse, encouragement or goals, became a place for inspiration and ideas.

What I gained was a group of pretty incredible women that decided to take the journey with me. What they got out of it was motivation and ideas exchanged to start new things, pick up things they put down and begin again.

One person really can make a difference!

Hop over to my profile where you can click on the link to join the Facebook group called "Getting Unstuck". You’ll meet ladies that want to cheer each other on and get ready to launch on the right foot out of this quarantine. Come position yourself for purpose with us!

Next blog...5 Ways Your Life Can Be More Balanced

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