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Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Hope that catchy title grabbed your attention! Although most of my friends are horrified by the fact that I have never actually watched this show, I feel like it's the perfect intro to my lifestyle blog.

Don't get me wrong. I love watching certain shows, just not ones where you bawl your eyes out every time you watch! I know, I know...women love the emotional, touchy-feely stuff. I am just not one of them. Call me out-of-touch with my emotions, I guess. I really love all things joy-filled. There is so much in this world that brings you down, I'd much rather invest my time in those things instead.

Like Home THAT'S where it's at for me! I love me some "Fixer Upper" and Chip and JoAnna. (More like a little obsessed! Ha!) Most free time, you'll find me with my cup of tea, binge-watching my DVR'd HGTV shows. When I'm not getting my art and design fix, I'll be either obsessing over what Paleo baked goods I'm going to try next or with my friends-turned-family at the beach, coffee shop or just hanging out at each other's homes.

My philosophy is simple: my faith is first, my family comes next and extended friends-that have become family-follows. We love doing life in community. It's where you grow and find happiness while helping one another. It really does take a village to raise not just a child, but also a community. Come join me as I talk (sometimes vlog) about all these favs. See you there!

My heart

There's my teen sweetheart, Tim along with my sons, Andrew (middle), Aaron and Ellie

My rock-star sons, Andrew & Aaron

This is how we do

We've learned that life is better in community. We have made it an art-form to meet great people that become acquaintances then friends that become family. You'll be meeting them all along the way.

My wild child, Ellie


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