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How To Be Focused In a Distracted World

We are SO excited about our new book, "Focus" on Amazon Kindle. When my husband and I preached the 4 part series together last year, we knew it was something that everyone struggles with and could benefit from learning about. Here is a short excerpt from the last chapter:

In his book, Deep Work: Rules For Focused Success In A Distracted World, Cal Newport writes: ”In order to produce the best possible results, we must become a disciple of depth in a shallow world.” Deep work is the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task. It is based on our need to concentrate, replacing distraction with focus.

There is a natural instinct to avoid depth or deep thinking which allows us to focus.

Have you ever cleared your calendar, prepared your work space and sat down to begin a project that calls for deep focus and find yourself surfing social media or going through emails?

I call it ”shiny-object distraction”. It’s a real thing! My mind wanders easily and indicates this urge to turn my attention toward something superficial. Everyone fights distraction...I’ve read that even Award-winning authors struggle with it.

Some people need seclusion to focus on important tasks. I (Camille) am one of them. But there are times when creativity is helped along by collaborating with someone.

When I collaborate with others, in this instance with my husband on this project, it is an incentive to focus. Knowing we are writing together helps me to buckle down and focus.

Another tip I’ve learned is you can train yourself to be organized. When I sit down to work, I find my mind wandering to my to-do list. I am easily distracted by things left undone. So, get a few to-do list items accomplished during your morning routine and out of the way so you can focus on the important goals.

Designing a work routine can be most helpful to get focused:

  1. Determine your top priority goals

  2. Decide where you’ll work & for how long

  3. Set-up rules for when you are working

  4. Support for sustainability: get your coffee!

Download "Focus" today by clicking here:

It's important to identify distractions in your faith journey and learn to become better focused on the things that matter most. Are you looking to discover the importance of renewing your mind and setting attention on spiritual things?

In "Focus", you will discover what focus really is, identify distractions, and discover how to overcome the things that hold you back from a thriving relationship with God.

Goals of this book:

Focus Forward

Focus on Jesus

Focus on Right Thinking

Focus on the Prize

Focusing on Tasks

Camille and Tim McIntyre draw from 30 years of ministry experience in NYC to help readers get the "bigger picture" concerning the importance of "focus".

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