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Hidden Potential

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

I absolutely love Home Improvement shows. My husband hates this because like many a wife, we think we can accomplish such elaborate before and after makeovers. Now don’t get me wrong my husband, Tim, has an extensive background in carpentry and construction that’s been passed down from his father. But let’s be real, not only are we financially unable to carry off these types of renovations but time is at a premium as well. And let’s not forget that little thief: age, who robs us of our physicality and reminds us of our limitations. As we’ve entered our 50’s, (yikes!) let’s face it, the old mare just ain’t what she used to be! Ha!

Some of my favorite shows currently are;

-Fixer Upper (The Gaines’, Hello!!)

-Home Town (The Napier’s, ditto!!)

-Woodwork (Clint @ Kelly Harp)

-Hidden Potential and more!

Of course, I am obsessed with interior design but more than that I love the idea that people’s houses become their homes. It’s where everything happens. Family and friends, celebrations, community. It’s where we gather to share stories. So, while having my home pretty and cozy for my family is important, having it ready and accessible to welcome others in is just as important.

When we moved into our home almost 15 years ago, I was hard-pressed to envision it’s potential. But our friend and neighbor told me that his hope and prayer for us was that I would be inspired to make this fixer-upper into our home. And that we did. You never seem to be finished with projects but boy, have we come a long way, baby! When new folks enter our home, I love their reaction, most saying how warm and cozy it is. That’s what my goal was: warm and welcoming. I also love hearing my husband and kids say how much they love it when it’s time to decorate for Christmas. It’s our favorite time of year.

There’s power in realizing hidden potential. Who knows what you can accomplish unless you have a vision for your future. Sure, all need people to speak into our lives because it’s encouraging. It gets us up and going. Although, it really is up to you to get started. I’m a great starter but a terrible finisher. I’ve had great hopes for many projects throughout the years. But it’s the ones I’ve been most passionate about that come to be.


One of my best inexpensive ways to refresh a room is with plants. I love live plants, even if I do occasionally kill one! They are cheap and matched with the right planter, Voila! Instant gratification.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Head to your local store

  2. Get plant that doesn't need a lot of sun

  3. Get potting soil

  4. Grab a nice pot (Target on sale)

  5. Transfer into potting soil, place on plant stand

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