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Easy Fall Decorating on a Budget

I have been resistant to changing my home decor for the fall season. I have simply not been feeling it. I knew I needed to keep it simple because I'm super busy. Here are my easy, budget-friendly ideas on decorating with what you have.

This summer just seemed to blow right by. When I saw everyone posting pics of their gorgeous, white-pumpkin decorating ideas, I turned a blind eye in denial. My whiny, inner monologue went something like this, “But it isn’t officially Fall until the 21st!” Can’t we hold off a little bit? Alas, there is no fighting it. I am giving in, just a little. Today, I splurged on one of the biggest pots of mums I have ever seen! I can’t wait to see all the flowers when they’ve bloomed. And I bought a pumpkin.

As I roamed around my supermarket this afternoon, I realized I needed to give in and accept the inevitable. The season is changing. Sighing, I roamed down the candle aisle. At least here, I can sniff all the pumpkin spice and apple scents and try to get into the mood! I did wind up buying two pumpkin candles, by the way. When I got home, I lit them immediately and my kids came down asking what I was baking. Maybe I could get into this. I pulled out a storage bin from the basement with a few fall items in it. Tried rearranging some autumn-colored florals in my Magnolia metal wall envelopes. Ahh...maybe I can do this.

Next, I turned my attention to other boxes. Little by little, I sorted through autumnal leaf wreaths, black wrought-iron pumpkin candle holders, and put out some gold & copper table placemats. There, at least it was something. A step in the right direction for this reluctant decorator. I’ve read others in my newsfeed who just couldn’t wait to decorate for fall. I watched in disbelief that it was only August 15th and they were in full, fall regalia.

Well, maybe I’ll finish putting up my Thanksgiving items right before Christmas. (Sigh). I’m thinking I might need to wait a little until it’s leather jacket and knee-high boot weather and hit up some HomeGoods and Michael’s stores to see what’s happening there. Until then, I’m looking up some magazines for inspiration. Here’s what I’ve found so far that’s trending:

1. Blonde wood

2. Ribbed glass and brass accents

3. Post Modern art (if you’re into that.)

4. Terra Cotta colors (they’re everywhere on Instagram themes)

5. Bold color, artistic rugs

6. Neutral, natural-colored grasscloth anything

7. Vintage accessories

Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me.

This is how I decorate (cheap) on a budget:

  1. Check the clearance aisles. I get most of my items like this. Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, World's Market, etc.

  2. Repurpose items in a festive way. I used my spring wreath and changed from white flowers to pumpkin floral sprays I already had from old garland.

  3. Rely on nature. I used to get pine cones, branches and leaves on walks.

  4. Shop post-season sales. As soon as the next season rolls out new product, snatch up what’s left on clearance.

  5. Buy fake. I love the smell of real evergreen but sometimes it’s just too expensive. Online stores sell some pretty good, inexpensive faux items.

So after surveying my storage bin items, I had a little burst of decorating inspiration. I also realize that I accept all of my mother and sister-in-law's cast-offs. Score! Everything I used with the exception of the mums and pumpkin, I already had so this was definitely decorating on a shoestring budget! I think keeping it simple with what I already have is the way to go. For now. After looking at some pics of how ladies are decorating their front entrances, that decided it for me. Let’s welcome fall.

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