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5 Ways to Create Scandinavian-Style Home Decor

Minimalist Scandinavian design.
Muted color scheme, black furniture pieces and pop of color add to minimalist Scandinavian design.

I have fallen in love with the Scandinavian Minimalist look. I hate clutter, but can never seem to rid my home of it. I longingly look at picture after picture on Pinterest to find ideas on incorporating the style, but alas, I can never fully fuse it with my eclectic, traditional farmhouse style. I know it’s a bit crazy but I love so many design elements from each that I want them all.

I love to go to Ikea. My kids love to go to Ikea. My husband hates going to Ikea. I can make it a day-trip, slowly walking through each section, getting inspired. My bedroom was inspired by Ikea’s bedroom section! I love the organization ideas you find there. Let’s not mention the plant section to my husband. He can never understand why I want to bring home a 5-foot palm tree that he says I will kill in a few short weeks. (Sadly, he is correct.) Then, there are the jokes. The furniture assembly alone can result in needing a marriage counselor/mediator. My favorite one-liner: “I’ll go anywhere with you...except Ikea.” And what about the meatballs? I’ve given them out as Christmas gifts, they're so good!

Seriously though, I do love the style. On one of the last episodes of Fixer Upper, JoAnna Gaines fused three styles together: Scandinavian-Moroccan Farmhouse. Say what!!? I didn’t even know that could be a thing! I love all three! I’ve recorded and re-watched that episode so many times, I’m embarrassed to admit it. If I could, I’d just buy that house and relocate it to my desired spot.

Over time, I’ve put together a short list on bringing in some elements that can give you the impact with little effort. I am obsessed with white. It’s an unhealthy obsession. I dream of the day when all teenagers have moved on and empty-nesters, Tim and Camille, get to relax on an all white luxurious sofa, no dogs allowed. Oh the glory!

Here are my decorating tips and tricks in implementing some of these design elements on the cheap. Until I can live in my own Scandinavian-Moroccan Farmhouse...a girl can dream.

Pictured is our master bedroom. Dresser, nightstands, yellow chair, bookshelf lighting, candlesticks and vases are from Ikea. My own hubby made the bed himself! Isn’t he amazing! I think I'll keep him. I really wanted our bedroom to be a sanctuary from the busyness of our lives in ministry. It’s a definite retreat for him to come away and relax. Enjoy!

1.) Use eclectic patterns, jewel tones and plenty of white to allow for the more bold elements to stand out. Throw in a mix of black with the white for contrast while using a neutral palette.

2.) Play with textures in your decorating. Colors are muted but textiles can make it interesting. Leather furniture is a great way to add a little warmth and texture to a space.

3.) Even though there seems like there is quite a bit of furniture in the room, it's placed in such a way to give negative space — it allows the eye to rest as it scans the room and you take it all in. It’s not chaotic or cramped but interesting.

4.) Use color but not too much to overpower the room, by adding it here and there to a mostly neutral space is key. A colorful abstract painting and yellow chair pop against the wall and a wood floor warms up the space.

5.) I wanted to remove our closet doors to give the impression of more space. We replaced the doors with these curtain panels from Ikea: VIDGA Panel curtain and rail system in dark gray. They were easy to mount and we connected several panel curtains together.

It's easy to get the look by incorporating some elements such as modern bordering on an industrial style as a guide. Create a space that incorporates the simplicity, utility and the beauty of Scandinavian interior design. Such beautiful and comfortable spaces are inviting as well as functional. Of course, who doesn't need some de-cluttering every now and then!

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