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"Distraction is the nemesis of focus. When we are distracted,

we are  tempted to pull away from a consistent focus on Christ."

Camille McIntyre

This book is for anyone that struggles with distraction and lack of focus in their walk with God.

Do you want to identify distractions in your faith journey and learn to become better focused on the things that matter most? Are you looking to discover the importance of renewing your mind and setting attention on spiritual things?

In this book you will discover what focus really is, identify distractions, and discover how to overcome the things that hold you back from a thriving relationship with God.

Four goals of this book:
Focus Forward
Focus on Jesus
Focus on Right Thinking
Focus on the Prize
Focusing on Tasks

Camille and Tim McIntyre draw from 30 years of ministry experience in NYC to help readers get the "bigger picture" concerning the importance of "focus".

Tim and Cmaille McIntyre


"This book was a joy to read. To stay focused is important to me and this book really helped me."

Amazon Customer

Focus Book on Tablet and phone
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