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Episode 9 | Praying Without Defeat

Is your prayer load getting heavy? Maybe you don't know if you are praying "right" and want to know what prayer looks like in our lives. In this episode, I talk with my dear friend Delphine Kirkland about her powerful prayer experience and her journey as a prayer warrior. 


Delphine Kirkland is a Bible teacher, Christian blogger/vlogger, an author, and a women's jail ministry leader. If you are looking for a real-life Miss Clara, listen on!


"If you don't feel your prayers, you have to pray to God in a heartfelt prayer.

You know, anybody can call word, but when you pray from your heart,

that's the prayer that moves Him."

- Delphine Kirkland

Episode 9_Because She Chose Podcast

Highlights from this chat with Delphine include:


  • Introducing Delphine Kirkland (0:33)

  • Serving a following as a woman of faith (2:36)

  • Ministering on social media (4:42)

  • Carrying the weight of praying for others (7:48)

  • Delphine's prayer room (10:19)

  • Entering the prayer room (11:20)

  • Crawling to God (14:48)

  • Keeping a positive mindset while lifting those in need (21:59)

  • Having a prayer partner (25:38)

  • Being raised by prayer warriors (27:41)

  • Delphine's favorite place to pray (32:24)


Are you ready to take on your afflictions with the power of prayer? I hope today's episode has armed you with everything you need to come to the Father in prayer. We would love to hear from you! 


Let me know if this episode resonated with you, and send me a message on Instagram or Facebook.


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