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Episode 7 | How to be Equipped for Change

Do you find yourself struggling when confronted with change? Even when anticipating and thoroughly prepared for change? We sometimes still have a hard time working through unplanned emotions. In this episode, I will share how to equip yourself for any change that will inevitably happen. 


"We have to pray. We have to say, 'Lord, You have given us our children for a small amount of time, and now it's time for us to let them go.'" - Camille McIntyre


Highlights from this episode include:


  • Entering a new chapter (1:22)

  • Creating the foundation to prepare for my daughter leaving the nest (2:30)

  • Understanding there is still grief even after anticipation (3:40)

  • The worries and missions as Christian moms (4:20)

  • Finding daily examples to show your children the foundations of Jesus (4:44)

  • Being prepared for each season with the Word of God (5:52)

  • Prioritizing a sturdy spiritual foundation for my family (7:00)


Are you prepared to take on life with the armor of His Word? I hope that this episode helps you prepare to make any change that you will face in your life. I would love to hear from you! 


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