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Episode 22 | Building Something Beautiful with Others

I want to share a secret. I know what it's like to sit at an empty table, wishing someone could relate with you. It was lonely for a long time. I remember sitting in this beautiful little coffee shop and watching others gather while I longed for what they had. Humans are built for relationships. It's in our DNA. You can try to smile through the loneliness and spend years looking for others who want to grow in their faith together. I was unsatisfied with what I was finding and wanted to build a community with others that love Jesus. 

One day, I decided to break away from the norm, and I put myself out there. I bore my heart and soul in a very vulnerable way, and what did I find? I found you.

Camille McIntyre

So, I invite you ladies who have not found a community of women that will journey with you, support you and pray for you. You can find that in the Because She Chose community! I am so grateful for each of you, friends, and I'll see you for Season Two! Find me on Instagram, and join the Facebook community to stay connected. We would love to hear from you!

Let me know if this episode resonated with you, and send me a message on Instagram or Facebook.

"People are lonely, but you can find your tribe. They are out there. You just have to look. All you have to do is open yourself up to others, serve them, be there for them, and you'll find you are building something beautiful with others"

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Bible Verses Mentioned:

Isaiah 22:22

Exodus 20:22

Numbers 20:22

1 Kings 20:22

Judges 20:22


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