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Episode 20 |  Tending the Word to Pursue God
with Mariel Davenport

Do you treat your relationship with God like a garden? Maybe you don't have a green thumb, and sometimes it feels like you are struggling to nurture your faith. In this episode, Mariel Davenport and I dig into what it looks like to tend your soul while pursuing God.


Mariel is an atheist transformed by the word of God. She knows what the power of God looks like while seeking through His word. Mariel is passionate about equipping others to tend their soul by the word of God. Her TEND method via scripture, journals, Bible reading, her weekly podcast, membership community, and virtual TEND gatherings. She has guided ladies of all ages and denominations towards the joy of knowing God through His word for themselves. She's been married for nearly 25 years and is a retired homeschool mom of two grown sons. Mariel enjoys salsa from her garden as she pursues the Gardener who tends her soul.

"Why do we think we have to get through the Bible?
There's no pop quiz in Heaven, so slow down."

Mariel Davenport

Highlights from this episode include:

  • Introducing Mariel Davenport (0:29)

  • From being an atheist to putting her heart into Bible study (3:01)

  • Gardening and tending your soul in the word of God (7:17)

  • What T.E.N.D. means to Mariel (8:49)

  • Mariel's Zoom Bible studies (15:11)

  • What Mariel is doing next (16:24)

  • Slow down; there isn't a pop quiz (19:23)

Episode 20_Because She Chose Podcast

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