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Episode 19 |  Managing Anxiety, Motherhood, Marriage, and Writing with Jen Kosuda

Have you ever dealt with the spirit of fear or anxiety? Maybe it's your marriage, your health, or your finances. In today's episode, Jen Kosuda and I discuss how to speak authority over those spirits and how God uses trials to open doors.


Jennifer Kosuda, the founder of The Art of a Messy House series, is a wife, mom, teacher, and author. After decades of battling depression, anxiety, and disordered eating, she was set free. At that moment, she promised to share the power of God's love and Truth. 


The Art of a Messy House is her journey of doing that through books and blogs. Check out her website and Instagram for more authentic, not-perfect testimonies and devotionals.

"I wanted to ask God for His help and say, 'I know, you broke all these cycles, right? I know you can break everything! So, help me do that.' And that's really where things started to shift for me."

Jen  Kosuda

Highlights from this episode include:

  • Introducing Jen Kosuda (:35)

  • Motherhood, marriage, teaching, and writing (2:45)

  • A story about Jen's PTSD and her son (4:41)

  • The spirit of fear and praying as a family (9:12)

  • How Jen found the courage to put herself out there (12:57)

  • A bit about Jen's books (21:45)

Episode 19_ Because She Chose Podcast

Do you have a story about a trial you've faced and how God delivered you from it? I'd love for you to share it with me! Find me on Instagram, and join the Facebook community to share how you prepare to step up and be used by God. We would love to hear from you!  


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