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Episode 16 | Choosing and Preparing to be Chosen

Are you constantly looking for new hobbies or something to fill your time? Maybe you have unsatisfied boredom that tells you something is out there for you to do. In this episode, the first part of two, Angela Lawley shares her experience helping women to crave more. She also shares how following God and allowing Him to use her to be a good steward has helped many women.

"There is going to be a chosen few, a remnant that Jesus says 'these are my folks'
I don't want to just go to Heaven. I want to be used, and I want to be fully in it."

Angela Lawley

Highlights from this episode include:


  • Introducing Angela Lawley (0:53)

  • Neglecting our spiritual walk and trying to feed it with more hobbies (4:54)

  • Focusing on what God is putting on your heart (7:21)

  • Being equipped and prepared when God needs us (10:37)

  • Being fully used as a good steward for God (16:25)

  • Dwelling and Tabernacling with His people (20:49)

  • Finding authenticity, healing, and cleansing through Him (23:39)

Episode 16_Because She Chose Podcast

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