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Episode 15 | When God Leads You To Breakthrough

Do you feel like something is brewing in your life? Does it seem like you are on a train, and out the window, you can see all the signs and hints of where God is taking you? In this episode, I discuss how God prepared me for what I would experience in the weeks leading up to a conference I attended recently. 

"He will shake every single thing upside down and inside out to get us

ready to see everything that He has deposited inside of us."

Camille McIntyre

Highlights from this episode include:


  • Needing encouragement as a Christian after the SCOTUS decision (0:32)

  • Feeling called to go to a conference (1:08)

  • Reflecting on God's message for me (2:45)

  • The moving message at the conference (5:40)

  • Walking ahead into the future He has for you (6:26)

  • What God has shown me through the 21-day fast (9:34)

Episode 15_Because She Chose Podcast

I pray, and I hope this episode encourages you to keep pressing for a breakthrough because he really is the Lord of the breakthrough. Visit me on Instagram and join the Facebook community to share the breakthroughs you are experiencing in your life! We would love to hear from you! 


Let me know if this episode resonated with you, and send me a message on Instagram or Facebook.


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