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Episode 14 | Fervently Focused on Eternity

Are you struggling to focus with everything going on in the world? Or maybe you struggle with shiny object syndrome? In this episode, I discuss the importance of focusing on eternity, even in an overwhelming and distracting world.

"When we don't focus on these things, we don't focus on Jesus as the prize, we seem to fall short."

Camille McIntyre

Highlights from this episode include:


  • The calamities of today's world (0:34)

  • Suffering from shiny object syndrome (1:22)

  • Learning to focus with ADHD (2:15)

  • Setting your mind on things above (2:41)

  • Focusing on His plan for our lives (4:07)

  • Keeping our eyes on eternity (4:58)

Episode 14_Because She Chose Podcast

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Mentioned Resources:

Focus E-book by Camille and Tim McIntyre

Deep Work by Cal Newport


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