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Episode 12 | A Challenge to Create a
Habit That Serves Everyone

Do you have a habit of having daily time with God? Do you have absolute balance to fit everything in your life, and it flows perfectly? In this episode, I discuss the importance of prioritizing your relationship with God to serve others, and I challenge you to adopt a habit of spending time with God daily.

Would you like to experience healing miracle breakthroughs, a deeper relationship with God, and wisdom for an upcoming decision? Our Because She Chose community will be hosting 21 days of prayer and fasting challenge beginning Monday, June 13, 2022. We will be joining together to do a Daniel fast and journaling together every day, writing down why we feel God is leading us to do the fast and what our focus may be. Sign up and join me on Instagram for more details. You'll be receiving an immediate download of the journal and daily emails to focus on Scripture passages and access to our community and me in a private pop-up Facebook group.

I look forward to you joining in and seeing all that God does through our time together.

"Balance is tough. Many people say you have to have balance in all areas of your life, and honestly, you really can't be because something is going to fall and crash. You can't keep all the plates spinning. So, I focus on eight priorities in my life. My first is my relationship with God because out of that flows everything."

Camille McIntyre

Highlights from this episode include:


  • If you like a challenge and accountability, this is for you (0:32)

  • Balance is tricky; set priorities for yourself (1:55)

  • Placing God and time for devotion as your top priority (2:12)

  • Prioritizing your marriage second, and everybody else next (4:10)

  • Prioritizing yourself to bless others (4:52)

  • Holding yourself accountable with support (5:23)

  • Why we are doing this challenge (7:20)

  • The SOAP method (8:30)

  • Next steps after your devotional time (9:38)


Episode 12_Because She Chose Podcast

Are you ready to take on the challenge? After today's episode, I hope you will follow me on Instagram and join the Facebook community to share the habits you are implementing in your time of devotion. We would love to hear from you!


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