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Episode 1 | What is a Devotional Life?

Moms, we are busy, and we know that to be our best selves for our families, we need to have time set aside for prayer and reflection. Sometimes it's hard to find the time or energy to do that when our days are packed full. That's where having a consistent daily devotional comes in! By setting aside just a few minutes each day to focus on God, we can ensure that His voice is always a part of our lives. 


In today's episode, we look at what a devotional life is and how to build a spiritual growth plan. I hope you walk away with some ideas on where and how to start building your faith through a thriving devotional life. Let's jump in!


"Because She Chose, is to help especially busy moms of littles understand how do you fit in your spiritual growth plan? How do you fit in a devotional time?” - Camille McIntyre. 


Highlights from today:


  • Getting a daily reading in, in different ways (1:11)

  • Fitting a spiritual and devotional plan into your day (2:12)

  • The groundbreaking 15 minutes (3:40)

  • Finding a peaceful time to praise without pressure (5:25)

  • Shining the light in the dark days (7:24)


Do you have a dedicated time for devotional? I hope you found some encouragement or helpful advice in implementing a stress-free daily praise plan. Let me know if today's episode resonated with you, and send me a message on Instagram or Facebook


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