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S2 Episode 2 - Realigning Your Body, Soul, and Spirit

Are you ashamed of your past? You may feel the best way to avoid further damage is by hiding what you have done. This episode is for you if you feel like your past burdens you. In this episode, Michal Russo is diving right in to share how God restored her life while she was straying from his word. 

Michal is a wife, mother, author, speaker, and founder of fitness ministry "WorshipFlow", a Christian faith-based alternative to yoga. As a former yoga instructor and New Age practitioner, Michal is passionate about sharing her powerful reformation story of inner healing, health, and wellness through a life lived for Christ. Journey with her through spiritually sound practices that you can implement into your life today.

"The Lord restores and He redeems time. When we're walking according to His plan, He will make up for all the time we wasted."

Michal Russo

Highlights from this conversation with Michal include:

  • Introducing Michal Russo (1:55)

  • When the enemy slipped in (3:54)

  • The Lord restores and redeems time (4:41)

  • The real meaning of yoga (7:05)

  • Speaking the word vs. being judgmental (13:15)

  • 7 Steps to Realign Body, Soul, Spirit (15:10)

  • God's love and grace and our shame (19:45)


Wherever you are right now, while you are listening to this, I'm asking that you ask God to get you through your "tight squeeze" season and move you up into the new. Change is up ahead. Share your current season with us below!

Are you ready to surrender your shame to the one who restores? Come share your story with us in the Because She Chose community! Find me on Instagram, and join the Facebook community to stay connected. We would love to hear from you!


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7 Steps to Realign Body, Soul, Spirit


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