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Episode 13 | Clarity and Faith through
Fasting with Jessica Christine Williams

Are you on the fence about fasting? Or maybe you feel called to fast, but giving up food is the only fast you know. In this episode, Jessica Christine Williams shares her experience with fasting and how it strengthens her relationship with God and allows her to hear him more clearly.


Jessica Christine Williams is a native Detroiter turned South Carolinian. She is the President and founder of Warrior Women in Christ, LLC (WWIC). She wears many titles: blogger, writer, creative, entrepreneur, ordained minister, teacher, and more! Most importantly, Jessica believes her most cherished title and call is that of a wife and mom to her four beautiful children (mini-warriors).

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Jessica has experienced many significant tragedies in her life. Through these difficult situations, Jessica came to realize that she needed the Lord to help her cope with life and that she could declare war. Through God's word, Jessica realized she was not fighting for victory but from a stance of victory. This revelation ignited her passion for teaching God's word and instructing others to war in the spirit and not flesh. As the word of God reminds us, "The battle is not ours; it belongs to the Lord."


Jessica has mentored many and continues to War on Purpose in prayer on behalf of individuals and families with fervor. 

"What is the measure that you have? You can move mountains in other people's lives.

I've watched Him save lives just from fasting."

Jessica Christine Williams

Highlights from this episode include:


  • Introducing Jessica Christine Williams (0:33)

  • Fasting as a family (2:44)

  • Incorporating fasting in your life as a busy mother (6:51)

  • Getting clarity by asking for guidance from God (9:24)

  • Different avenues of fasting (12:11)

  • The foundations to pray on (15:54)

  • The results and testimony of fasting (17:15)

  • Finding purpose and not a quick fix when fasting (21:05)

Ladies, if you feel like God is leading you into a fast, reach out to me! I hope you will visit and follow me on Instagram after this episode, as well as join the Facebook community to share the habits you are implementing in your time of devotion. We would love to hear from you! 


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