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A community focused on helping women find time to grow in their faith

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Thousands have been impacted by the creative movement, Because She Chose, developed and nurtured by Coach Camille McIntyre. Now, it's your turn to thrive!


Discover the 9 key principles for growing in your faith.

On this 9-week journey, Coach Camille shares her global leadership solutions that tackle the top 9 areas that impact the mental, spiritual, and physical development of women living out their God-ordained purpose.

Gain clarity and confidence in the following areas:

  • Health

  • Career

  • Friendship

  • Life Choices

  • Family

  • Finances

  • Spiritual Growth

  • Mindset

  • Self-Improvement

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“Because She Chose has become such a blessing in my life as a busy momma of four kiddos. Joining the challenges Camille has offered have been just the thing I needed to give me clarity and accountability in things like finding time to fully stop and spend time in His Presence every day without excuse. She’s created a gentle, encouraging community here with so many great tools busy mommas can benefit from in practical ways. You’ll find a wonderful community of ladies here who will cheer you on in your daily goals and come alongside of you to pray and encourage your heart in the hard times!” 

Berti Sommers
Camille McIntyre Webinars (6)_edited.png

Stay with what God has promised you. 
God wants you to enjoy the life, family, and career path that is destined for you.

You are not alone! Coach Camille along with a community of faith-filled women from around the world will be on this journey with you.

Put your name and email here and we will let you know next time the doors are open for you to join!!!

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